Friday, October 2, 2020

My Reading Challenges for Next Year

 It's getting to be that time. I've already begun to create posts for my reading challenges for 2021. It's a little early, but I'm so bored! About a week or two ago, I began making the images to include with my posts. When it comes to this, I tend to get ahead of the game. Though there are some already out now! Those are really ahead of the game! One I have signed up for, the other I'm not sure about yet.

I plan to keep the rules for next the same as this year's rules, but I will not be using linkys to sign up this year. Rather, I will just have participants sign up in the comments. I will be offering the same ones once again. I got thinking about this when I got a late signup for one of my challenges this year. I let the person participate for the remainder of the year, then removed the linkys, thus not allowing any further signups for the rest of this year. 

On that note, I had to let go of another challenge I was doing this year, one I have been doing for years, because the blog was deleted. No more Historical Fiction Challenge this year, though I probably will read plenty of historical fiction in the months to come. 

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Elephant's Child said...

Have fun - and happy reading.