Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Irony of Masks This Halloween

I went into the fall season thinking what is stated above, though it's been years since I actually wore a Halloween mask. I have always preferred not to have one as I felt them too restricting. I then got to thinking of those in the photo below. I grew up in the 1980s, and  I can't seem to recall ever wearing one of these boxed costumes which were around for such a long time. They certainly looked uncomfortable with all the plastic involved. And I have heard stories on how the string to hold the mask on would often break before the night was over.


Nowadays we see make like these, which i have never worn. They seems just as uncomfortable and even more so, since they cover your entire head. This is one thing I'm glad not to see this year, with the cancelling of bar parties.

Not an option this year.

The CDC has been warning people not to substitute Halloween masks for the cloth ones we have have been forced to wear in public the last seven months. 

At work on Wednesday this week, we will be having a small celebration without potluck food or interactive games we normally have for our holiday parties. We can still play bingo and will have prizes. Dressing is optional, and I may put on my tropical depression costume (without the hat). I will have to have my mask on, of course. I had thought about looking for one that is flesh-colored, but didn't seem to find any, and now time is running out. I'll just have to do with the regular one. It's going to look weird, but one has to follow the protocols. If I wear the costume at home next Saturday I won't have to have the mask on then except if kids come to the door. I still don't know what to do about that--given the CDc guidelines about trick-or-treating and the fact that very few kids seem to come to our house to begin with. 


  1. I am glad that your work celebration is firmly safety base.
    I suspect that trick or treaters will be few and far between. I hope so - for their safety and for yours.

  2. I did trick or treating in the 70's and those costumes were long, hot, sweaty and you could barely see out of the eye holes let alone breathe in them. lol

  3. I have advertised my haunt on next store with social distancing, masks, gloves and lots of candy.