Thursday, October 29, 2020

Costume Redo

For our celebration at work yesterday we played bingo to win candy as prizes and several people brought candy bags for each client who showed up. In the past we'd had potlucks with many games for holiday parties, but because of the pandemic, potlucks and extra games are out this year. I chose to redo my Tropical Depression costume, without the hat, and by wearing the grass skirt over my jeans. I wanted to wear it over my khaki shorts like before  but it's now getting too cold for wearing shorts in my neck of the woods. These were taken at home before leaving.

Since I knew parties at bars would be out this year, as wells the one I went to last year at the house of my writer's lab leader, I was uncertain about costumes this year. But then since I still had some left from previous years, I decided they could be redone this year just for the fun of it. I'm uncertain about doing this one again on Saturday, as I am not expecting a lot of kids to show up--it's usually like that anyway, and this year's circumstances likely won't change that. But it's still fun and people still have to have fun one way or another. I'll either redo this one yet again, or one of the others I have on hand, perhaps the tie-dye dress. 

Only two others came in costume yesterday, one as a bag of trash and one as Rosie the Riveter. This may be all I get to see in person this year.


Kay said...

Thank you for the Hawaiian spirit! Aloha!

Elephant's Child said...

I am very glad that you had at least a little fun.
And really like your costume.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Everyone looks great!! At least you got some halloween in this year.

Sandra Cox said...

Good on the three of you for dressing up:) Love the costumes:)

Lady M said...

Ha - a trash bag. That's clever. Glad you got into the spirit with the tropical depression.