Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Already Going to Stay Home for Christmas

One Christmas song I like is called "Please Come Home for Christmas," which has been recorded by many artists, including the Eagles (in the video below):

But for this year, a better message would be "Please Stay Home for Christmas." I know people are missing family, but just do it for this year and see what next season entails. 

As for me, with so little family left, our family stood having large Christmas gathering several years ago. Not even doing white elephant gift exchanges any longer. That has been fine with me and everyone else in the family. We don't plan on a "Zoom" holiday, as most of us have not gotten into that stuff. But for others, a Zoom Christmas is better than an ICU New Year's Eve. 

And I have not done much for New Year's Day either. I can't remember the last time I went to a bar celebration for NYE, and those will be out this year. But that's fine by me. Do whatever you can to stay safe during the holidays.

Having a 1920's-themed party this year may have seemed like a good idea and I  had thought last year we could do that at the center this year for the centennial of the 1920s. But the pandemic of course, shut down all parties and potlucks this year. We're still having a gift exchange next week, but without bringing food to share. 

Please do what you can to stay safe this holiday season and have a happy holiday.


Elephant's Child said...

You stay safe too. I am hoping that 2021 is a MUCH better year for us all.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I was typing and my comment blinked and was gone. Just wanted to say thank you for this version - my favorite! 2021 has no where to go but UP. Be safe and well. We are alone this year and I think it will be fine. WE are going to teach my mom zoom. That alone may be a blog post of humor!! :-)