Thursday, December 31, 2020

My Year in Reading


I just completed my last book for this year. As I said two days ago, I was surprised to learn I read fewer books this year than I had last year, with all the time off I had this year during quarantine. Before the library began curbside pickup in June, I was forced to read from home and to begin reading more digital books, as well as order from the library's Zip book program (when the library was shut down). I was glad to have turned in all the books I'd had out in March just before the shutdown began.

I was not surprised that The Stand ended up being the longest book. Even though I read it in March after quarantine began (not knowing what was lying ahead), I was certain it would be the longest one I read all year. I could not envision reading anything longer than that. And no surprise that the most popular was Harry Potter, which I never read until now (it was offered on Overdrive without any waits throughout April and May). There is a typo on the site, Tigress is definitely NOT only 10 pages. How this slipped past the Goodreads administrators is beyond me. The shortest book I read has to have been this picture book. And it was no surprise that only three other people read this book

Now tomorrow I will begin my challenges for next year. I was sad not to see the Retellings challenge I had been doing the last two or three years not being offered.This was announced earlier this month. Even though I only got nine books this year, I like reading retellings. I cannot find anything else that has the same theme. Also, the contemporary romance challenge I have been doing for several years was discontinued. This was announced on the site in September, but I did not see that then, as I did not regularly visit the blog. I learned of the cancellation after emailing the blog owner asking if the challenge would be offered next year. Again, I can't seem to find any other challenge for contemporary romance. Still no word on if the picture book challenge is happening. Also waiting on the Foodies read, which always seems to be posted on New Year's Day.I decided not to join the audiobooks one this year, though I likely will be listening to some. I just don't count on doing very many audios next year. Most of the ones I listened to this year were from the digital library. I only borrowed one from the library in January, and listened to two that I got at Kmart as the store closed down in February. On that note, I have read all the books I got at Kmart this year, yet many I got from thrift stores in past year remain unread. I was sure I get to many of those while on lockdown, but I started getting hooked on e-books, though physical ones remain my preferred format. 


Elephant's Child said...

Happy New Year - and happy reading.

shelleyrae @ book'd out said...

Congratulations on a great year of reading.
Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

(PS. fixed that page count on Tigress for you)