Thursday, December 10, 2020

Professional Book Nerds Reading Challenge 2021

 Doing this one again, for the second time.

My books:

  1. Published Between 1990 and 2000: Chasing Redbird--Sharon Creech 
  2. Author Interviewed on PBN: Queen of Air and Darkness--Cassandra Clare
  3. Read Before in a Different Format (Previously Listened to Audiobook): Brown Girl Dreaming--Jacqueline Woodson
  4. Picture Book: The Earth is Painted Green--Barbara Brenner
  5. 2020 Debut You didn't Read in 2020: Jane in Love--Rachel Givney
  6. Author From Your City or State: Miracles and Grace in an Unlikely Place--Charisse Tyson (reread)
  7. Nonfiction Book by a Woman Historian: Code Girls--Liza Mundy
  8. Book About a Book: The Library Book--Susan Orlean
  9. LGBTQIA+ Author: If I Was Your Girl--Meredith Russo
  10. Haven't Read But Have Seen the Screen Adaptation: The Cider House Rules--John Irving
  11. Play: Medea and Other Plays--Euripides (reread)
  12. Read a Cookbook: Williams-Sonoma Stir Fry-Diane Rossen Worthington (Recipe TBD)
Challenge completed on July 18


Elephant's Child said...

Hooray for book nerds.

Sandra Cox said...

Interesting about the cookbook. How many books do you read a month?