Monday, December 7, 2020

Book Riot's Read Harder Challenge 2021

 Another favorite of mine is now up. Some very mind-expanding categories on this one.

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  1. Read a book you’ve been intimidated to read: Credo--Melvyn Bragg
  2. Read a nonfiction book about anti-racism: Me and White Supremacy--Layla F. Saad
  3. Read a non-European novel in translation: Of Love and Shadows--Isabel Allende
  4. Read an LGBTQ+ history book: Beyond Magenta--Susan Kuklin
  5. Read a genre novel by an Indigenous, First Nations, or Native American author: Black Sun--Rebecca Roanhorse
  6. Read a fanfic: The Seven-Per-Cent Solution--Nicholas Meyer
  7. Read a fat-positive romance: One to Watch--Kate Stayman-London
  8. Read a romance by a trans or nonbinary author: If I Was Your Girl--Meredith Russo
  9. Read a middle grade mystery: I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You--Ally Carter
  10. Read an SFF anthology edited by a person of color: Vampires Never Get Old--Zoraida Cordova (ed.)
  11. Read a food memoir by an author of color: From Scratch--Tembi Locke
  12. Read a work of investigative nonfiction by an author of color: Barracoon--Zora Neale Hurston
  13. Read a book with a cover you don’t like: Untamed--Glennon Doyle
  14. Read a realistic YA book not set in the U.S., UK, or Canada: Inside Out & Back Again--Thanhha Lai
  15. Read a memoir by a Latinx author: Thirteen Senses--Victor Villaseñor
  16. Read an own voices book about disability: Disability Visibility--Alice Wong (ed.)
  17. Read an own voices YA book with a Black main character that isn’t about Black pain: Finding Yvonne--Brandy Colbert
  18. Read a book by/about a non-Western world leader: Who Was Gandhi?--Dana Meachan Rau
  19. Read a historical fiction with a POC or LGBTQ+ protagonist: Ziggy, Stardust and Me--James Brandon
  20. Read a book of nature poems: The Earth is Painted Green--Barbara Brenner
  21. Read a children’s book that centers a disabled character but not their disability: Girl Made of Stars--Ashley Herring Blake
  22. Read a book set in the Midwest: Drive Me Crazy--Erin Downing
  23. Read a book that demystifies a common mental illness: Furiously Happy--Jenny Lawson
  24. Read a book featuring a beloved pet where the pet doesn’t die:  The Dogfather--Susan Conant

Challenge completed on December 9

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Elephant's Child said...

Some excellent challenges. Have fun - and happy learning.