Friday, December 18, 2020

Two Weeks Left

Only two weeks until 2021. Will what the singer says in this parody video still be true?

And how many of you never showered? I could not go without doing it even with having to be home most of the time. And how many stayed in pajamas and robes all day? I just can't stand the idea of doing such a thing, and having to be home most of the time for most of the year didn't change that. This was not a year to be taunting others for having too much time on their hands, because that was true for all of us, and it wasn't any of our faults.  

Yeah, it has seemed like what was once a playground taunt in grammar school is now for real. Using alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer became standard this past year. I cannot remember using much hand sanitizer in past year. Maybe just sometimes when I had a cold, something that seems to happen every year around this time. And this year is no exception. 

Here is a parody by the same channel above that poked fun of the overuse
of sanitizer: 


And I managed not to run out of toilet paper while store shelves were stripped bare of this stuff. I still am wondering why people thought they needed so much. "Hoarding" became part of the vocabulary of 2020. How many times did any of you hear that word in a single year before the hoarding of toilet paper this past March? 

In the beginning, I tried to use no more than two squares at a time to make the toilet paper last until the stores had it again. Thankfully, I had gotten some at Safeway the first Saturday in March, and a nurse friend of my mom's had some by with some stuff for us, which included two packs of TP. And my cousin next door gets hers at Costco, and had some to lend us. 

Pasta was another thing that stores were out of at the beginning of quarantine. I could not understand this, but some say pasta is a comfort food. Now pasta is easy to find, even after the second round of toilet paper hoarding began. And when I was at the store the other day, I saw someone with a pack of the Safeway brand TP in their cart. So there must be more in the stores now.

Along with "hoarding," words and phrases like "pandemic," "Coronavirus," "shelter-in-place," "quarantine," and "social distancing," all became part of the vocabulary for everyone, and those with children had to deal with "remote learning." (I escaped that last one). And were there any I missed? These I hope not to hear again in 2021, though it's not certain how much longer the world will still been this current situation. Not too much longer, though, we're all hoping. 


Elephant's Child said...

This has been quite a year.
We hear 'iso' (short for isolation). Iso walks, iso shopping...
Toilet paper, yeast, flour and pasta disappeared here for a while too. For the moment they are back.

Sandra Cox said...

That first trailer is hilarious.