Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Back to the Classics 2021

 Doing this once again.

1. A 19th century classic: any book first published from 1800 to 1899: A Christmas Carol--Charles Dickens

2. A 20th century classic: any book first published from 1900 to 1971. All books must have been published at least 50 years ago; the only exceptions are books which were written by 1971 and posthumously published:

3. A classic by a woman author:

4. A classic in translation, meaning any book first published in a language that is not your primary language. You may read it in translation or in its original language, if you prefer: 

5. A classic by BIPOC author; that is, a non-white author:

6. A classic by a new-to-you author, i.e., an author whose work you have never read:
7. New-to-you classic by a favorite author -- a new book by an author whose works you have already read:
8. A classic about an animal, or with an animal in the title. The animal can be real or metaphorical. (i.e., To Kill a Mockingbird):

9. A children's classic: Caddie Woodlawn--Carol Ryrie Brink

10. A humorous or satirical classic: My Man Jeeves--P.G. Wodehouse

11. A travel or adventure classic (fiction or non-fiction). It can be a travelogue or a classic in which the main character travels or has an adventure: The Secret Garden--Frances Hodgson Burnett

12. A classic play. Plays will only count in this category: Medea and Other plays--Euripides (reread)

Challenge completed on December 1


Elephant's Child said...

I really enjoy the classics and find myself wondering which of the multitudes of books published now will earn that title.

Jamie Ghione said...

A very good question.

Lisbeth said...

Indeed a very good question. Even difficult to guess. I bet it is books we would not think of.

Lisbeth said...

Looking forward exchanging views on the classic in 2021.

Stephen said...

True...many books we consider classics, like Moby Dick and Austen's works, were scoffed at in their own day.