Friday, December 4, 2020

Parody Songs About Quarantine

I just came across this channel on You Tube and have become addicted. I couldn't stop laughing. The channel includes parodies of songs based on quarantine. There are too many to post here, but here a few I particularly like. Click the link above to see more of the channel (There are also song parodies made pre-pandemic).

TV theme song parodies:

Elton John Song parodies (I like Elton John, so I had to include this one):

These two sum up all of 2020, as well as the quarantine:

And because Christmas is on its way, I have to include this one (actually made in May):


Elephant's Child said...

Smiling broadly. The second from last video was unavailable here - but the others were a heap of fun.
Thank you.
There are some pretty good parody ISO variations of Queen songs too.

Bob Johns said...

Oh my god the Dumpster fire song has me rolling!!!!!