Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Costumes: The Sacrifice

Homemade Jelly Belly Halloween Costume
Bag of jelly beans made from balloons
and clear plastic bags
Grapes Easy Halloween Costume
Classic grapes costume from
purple balloons.

I've liked a lot of costume ideas over the years including the classic bunch of grapes or bag of jelly beans (both pictured at left). But have never done these because of having to use balloons for the grapes or jelly beans.  I just get fearful of how long the balloons will last before popping or
deflating, and just how will I drive to the celebration at the bar
or wherever with a bunch of balloons attached to me. And they will also restrict movement, and make going to the bathroom difficult.  I once thought the jelly beans could be done with the balls you see in kids' play areas such as those at McDonald's.  These won't pop or deflate, but two problems exist with this idea.  One is where to buy these things for your own use, and the other is that they won't make it any easier to move, drive, etc., than with the balloons.

Other ideas I've liked but avoided are using boxes to make costumes, an idea given on this site.  A lot of these seem like fun, some of you might say, and I think so too.  And you can get boxes free.  But just how do you move in these get ups? Something I have always pondered when considering making one of them.

Homemade skill crane costume.
Aquarium, Child,Inanimate objects
Aquarium costume made from a box.

Rubik's Cube, Inanimate objects
Classic Rubik's Cube toy from
a box.

These all appear to be examples of something I came across sometime ago.  In this hubpage article, that author describes what he calls "Common Stereotypes and the People Who Wear Them."  One stereotype he mentions is "The Sacrifice," which the above costumes and anything similar to them all seem to fall under.  "The author describes "The Sacrifice" stereotype as:

Sometimes being really creative means paying a price. Whether wearing your movable, awesome-looking Transformer costume means you can't go pee or that by being a fully-functioning condom dispenser keeps you from raising your arms above your head, sometimes you have to be willing to give up some things for the sake of Halloween. These types of costumes mentioned are officially known as The Sacrificeand are what you have to be willing to deal with all night if you want to take your Halloween costume to the next level.
Not all sacrifices are equal either and although you might not be welcomed on the dance floor with your life-size paper mache Sponge Bob Square Pants costume, you'll be laughing last when you walk away with the best costume prize money at the end of the night. I mean, who cares that you can't even get a drink at the bar without knocking out every other person within a 10-foot radius? You look damn good and the 450 hours that you've spent building your Halloween masterpiece is paying off 100%.  
Here are some images presented in that hub that illustrate this idea:
Moveable Transformer costume.

Another Rubik's Cube
I loved that line about a "life-size paper mache Sponge Bob Square Pants costume."  Seems a bit ambitious and a lot of work.  Most would just use and paint a box for Sponge Bob, a lot less work. Or even use a paper bag.  See this link
Spongebob Costume
SpongeBob made from a box
Spongebob Costume
SpongeBob from a
paper bag

Not only would a grown-up have trouble driving in most of these costumes, but a small child might have trouble walking to and from school or riding the bus in one of these things.  And how will this restrict the child's movement while going out tog et candy on Halloween night?  Just wondering how some have done this, if they have. 

In some cases, if you use a box to make a costume, you might be able to come up with some way to make it so you can remove it when needed.  Unfortunately, this won't work in all cases, and it won't work with the balloons.  

I guess the author was right when he said being creative means paying a price.  If you can give up some things for the sake of a costume, then do so if you wish.  Maybe one day I'll be up to doing one of these things, despite the things I'll have to sacrifice.  But it seems driving is the main problem involved here, so going to a celebration is what I'll have to sacrifice.  So I guess these ideas are what I'll have to sacrifice. 

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