Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just six more days till Halloween

Today at Kmart I saw that Halloween stuff is now 50% off. Makes sense.  I also could not help noticing what costumes were leftover. At least seven burgundy medieval princess dresses, and about five Grim Reaper costumes, and about two or three sorceress costumes, among a few other things.  I could not help wondering how many last-minute shoppers are going to want these.  And if they need something at the last minute, these are what their choices are going to be.  It seems these aren't very popular this year.   This sounds like a gag on a  TV show, kind of?   "I'm sorry, but that's all that was left."  Of course, in TV world, it would be something very undesirable, whatever that could be. But if I'd waited till now to find something, I wouldn't have minded the medieval princess, not too sure about the sorceress, and definitely not the Grim Reaper.  Makes me glad I try to decide on something early on so I'm not faced with few choices.

But these were just those on racks near the front entrance of the store.  There are still costumes, capes, makeup, wigs and such in the aisle were the stuff as initially placed when it began coming in.  So there are other choices for those still in need of a costume.  As I passed these aisles to get to the bathroom,  I overheard someone saying, "You should be ketchup and he should be mustard."  I guess all the ads for the mustard and ketchup bottles costumes have the guy as ketchup and the girl as mustard.  Ridiculous.  It's fine to decide to do just the opposite. And on the way back, a woman was showing her child (I could not see if it was a boy or girl) costumes, including an orange clownfish and a duck, saying "You could be a Nemo or a duck..."

Later, at Target, I picked up a CD of Halloween music, that I'd seen the other day.  And the I bought the Halloween Funfetti cake mix and frosting to make for our pot luck on Friday at work.  I've wanted to try this stuff, but barely ever have time to bake, but will have to find time on Thursday after work.   SInce the shipment for today was cancelled, I didn't have to work today and am off gain tomorrow, so I'm getting jump on doing my laundry and will be making a run to Safeway tomorrow, so all this will be done before the weekend.

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