Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween City

I'd never heard of this chain of temporary Halloween stores until now, when I saw one in Gilroy, California a few weeks ago.  I knew that Gilroy always get the Spirit Halloween stores and I always wait for those to open.  Upon seeing the Halloween City sign one day, I decided to check this store out.  It is on a building left empty by Office Max, which I had not heard about closing

Before entering the store, I shot this picture from the parking lot.  Unfortunately I was greeted at the door with a sign saying taking pictures or videotaping inside the store was forbidden, so this was all I was able to get.  I'm now not so sure I'll ever go to one of the stores again.  Their merchandise wasn't as great as that at Spirt.  I've actually gone twice, but found few, if any, other shoppers in the store at the same time.  maybe that was because ti was a weekday.  I usually only work on weekdays and if I happen to work on a Saturday or Sunday, I usually avoid business that are likely to be madhouses on weekends.  I did work last Sunday and step into the Spirit store, but only because it was within walking distance from work.

Not being able to take pictures left me with little to say about the store and its merchandise, displays and such.

oddly, a while a go, I stumbled onto this video from Youtube: (Could this be why the stores aren't allowing videotaping and photographing?)

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