Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scary decorations at Goodwill

 The Goodwill store in Hollister, California has been putting up scary decorations each year for Halloween.  Pictured in this entry are the ones displayed this year.  I began taking pictures of these last month when I first saw them.

The skeleton seen in the photos has been moved around since the first two pictures were taken.   In  the first two, he was hung near a display of graduation robes and used gothic costumes.  In the third, he was hung above a display of decorations on a gondola, with feather boas on the endcap.  Also in this pic, he is holding a Halloween promotional poster from Goodwill.

Seen hanging on the end of a  rack of men's clothing is a stuffed vampire.

At right are two shots of a scary creature with a pumpkin head, wrapped in chains.


The Fiji Mermaid said...

I've been itching to check out some thrift stores in my city to see if I can find any sweet Halloween gems decorations or costumes.

Mens Halloween Costumes said...

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