Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween at the Salvation Army

I actually took these pictures about two weeks ago and now most of the stuff is gone and new displays have taken over.   But since I  took these photos, I decided to share them.

Some things I could not help noticing were the Valentine mailbox  on the shelf below the Halloween decorations.  At least it wasn't mixed in the Halloween stuff but it was weird seeing the Valentine box near kitchen items, including a knife holder.  It was also weird seeing these things near the Halloween stuff.

I also loved the  hanging scary decoration and the plastic pumpkin with a curly wig.  This reminded me of the bus driver on "The Simpsons."  Not too long after taking the photo, I saw that someone had removed the wig from the pumpkin.

And I just couldn't resist taking the picture of the Darth Vader dog costume.  I don't have dogs, but have been curious about the costumes made for dogs.  They seem to have everything for dogs now, I have noticed.

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Machele O'Dufaigh said...

I'm amazed that Halloween stuff showed up at the Sally Ann. My husband and I garage sale and visit thrift stores continually through the spring and summer and rarely find anything related to Halloween. Now if your looking for Christmas decs there are tons of those. Go figure?
We tried once to put a costume on our Labrador. She removed it in a matter of seconds and dragged it outside through the doggy door. We found it days later buried near the carrots. I think we may have insulted her pride!