Friday, October 7, 2011

Other Halloween Stuff at the Goodwill

Besides the racks of used costumes, graduation gowns, and Halloween sweatshirts,  the headless mannequin costume displays, and the scary decorations,  the Hollister Goodwill also had the following Halloween displays:

1.  Display of hats.  Velveteen pimp hats, fake furry hats, cowboy hats, and generic straw hats that might just be worked into some costumes. I just had to laugh at the Spider Man figure that was placed on this shelf.

2.  Rack of Neon Bob Wigs, with make up kits hung alongside the wigs.   The angle at which I shot this one got the sunglasses rack in the background.

3. Pegged displays of masks, trick-or-treat bags, make-up, fishnets, fake tattoos, fake-blood-stained hoods and other accessories I can't make out.

4. Dog costumes from Target.  In the photo is a hot dog costume for dogs (two of them, actually), hung on a rack with the people costumes. More dog costumes were hung a wall (sorry, no photos). Read this 

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