Tuesday, December 29, 2020

What I Did More and Less of During the Pandemic

Only three days left in 2020 now. A year that seemed longer than it actually was. Each month seemed like one long month. Is is really almost over?

According to my Goodreads stats for this year, I had more books total last year than this year. Seems weird, with all the time off I had at the start of the pandemic. With all the time I was going to have as a result of lockdown, I envisioned myself writing and crafting more, but did very little of either. Most likely I feel too depressed to think of anything to do. I did write one thing that no one has been able to read and which I have not gotten back to.  Still have not been inspired to write anything. I had also hoped to make some bread-dough crafts, but did not get around that either. But I kept on reading, and am wondering how I got fewer books this year than last year. The longest one I read last year was longer than my longest one this year, yet both were over 1000 pages. This was a prompt I had this year, and will have again next year (not sure what I'll be reading next year that is more than 1000 pages). I will be sharing more on my reading for the year when finish my last book of this year, hoping on Thursday, New Year's Eve.

When it came to making dinner, there were two recipes I did more than once since March: Lemon Pasta with Chicken and Cheesy Chicken Monterey. These were two of the recipes I had done at work back when we were able to have cooking class.  In March at the beginning of the lockdown, I was going through clutter in my room and came across several of the recipes I had. A lot of them required baking, something I cannot do (no working oven), so I did not keep those. 

I think I watched more videos on You Tube this year during the downtime. I loved discovering the Holderness Family's channel and seeing their parodies, many of which were about the pandemic. And I found several other parodies of songs about the events of this past year, including this one (Others such songs are on this same channel):

I was pleased with the election results. Can't wait to say goodbye to the Mango Mussolini, the Orange Menace and any other nicknames people have had for our outgoing president. The election was a bright spot in this otherwise dismal year.



Elephant's Child said...

Even from this side of the world I am pleased with your election results - but note that the trumpster is STILL trying to over turn them. I will breathe a sigh of relief on January 20 - and I am sure that many of your countrymen and women will.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

We have no where to go but up. Our new president sure has a huge mess to fix here at home and globally. I have hope though.But I'm holding my breath until January 21 2020. (I want to be sure he leaves)
Happy New Year Jamie!

Sandra Cox said...

OMG that trailer is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.